Stopping Image Capture opening when plugging in iPhone

This is not a particularly web development-related post, but if you’re like me and primary work on a Mac and also own an iPhone then this post may be of help.

Every time I plugged my iPhone into my Mac it would launch the Image Capture application. It’s always unnuerving seeing your iPhone’s image library displayed in its entirety, even if no one else is around and even if there’s nothing in there that shouldn’t be!

A few times I went through the application menus in the toolbar, but there was only an option to open a Services panel in System Preferences.

Turns out there’s a tiny toggle button in the bottom-left of the app that’s by default collapsed. Opening it gives you the option of what to do when you plug your iPhone in.

For the avoidance of doubt, you want to select “No application” (If that is of course your preference!)