Life Drawing

I’ve recently been taking a life drawing class. When I was growing up, I was a fan of comic books. I would re-draw my favourite panels, which in turn helped me become quite nifty with a pencil. As a result, I was the token good-at-drawing kid at school.

Despite being quite good at drawing, I never really studied it or took it further than GCSE level. I’d also became pretty computer literate, discovered the Internet, and had decided on a career doing something in the web design field.

Fast forward eight years or so later, I’ve been to college and then entered the web industry. I’ve become a competent website developer, worked for a handful of agencies in the region before going into business for myself.

It’s at this time I’ve decided to pick up some hobbies again, and decided on drawing. I was informed of a life drawing class at the Mushroom Works, and with it being practically over the road from me I had no excuse not to go along.

It was a different environment for me. Actually being taught how to draw the human figure properly, and having a model stroll in and drop their robe in front of you. Nonetheless, I feel it has been a benefit. I think more about proportions when drawing a human figure and have also becoming more confident in tone, shadows rather than just creating line drawings.

I’ve uploaded a selection of my drawings to my Flickr profile. Please do have a look and I’d love to hear your thoughts on them, or your experiences if you’ve been to a life drawing class yourself.